Let’s reach Japan, together, in accordance with the visions God gives to each!

We welcome you to explore opportunities for interdenominational, international, inter-agency missionary team-based and independent ministries in Japan with the goal of reaching Japan together. Click on the links to the left to contribute to an RJT missionary or for more information regarding:

  • RJTAReaching Japan Together Association–a receiving entity within Japan (handling prospective missionary inquiries, mobilization, applicant screening, placement, and on-field receiving functions in Japan)
  • RJTReaching Japan Together–a sending entity in the U.S. (handling donor and financial processing in the U.S. and serving as a primary sending partner for a subset of missionaries with a U.S. support base)
  • Coming soon:  RJT-CReaching Japan Together Canadaa sending entity in Canada (a donor-processing and sending partner for a subset of missionaries with a Canadian support base, under development)

RJTA offers broad in-country services specifically for Japan missionaries. RJTA relies on partnerships with RJT and other sending entities and local churches in various countries for members’ "home country" functions such as donation processing and the home country side of visa sponsorship. RJTA and its members partner with local ministries (or in the case of those with experience, may lead a local ministry) such that RJTA members may serve with almost any local ministry in Japan, not just RJTA-led ministries. RJTA in essence facilitates the  decoupling of sending, big picture receiving, and local host ministry functions so these can be recombined in almost unlimited ways for maximum flexibility. RJTA is international, making it a great option for those wanting to see international teams facilitated even if team members are with different sending entities. RJT relies on RJTA for the screening of applicants, member care, and all on-field functions.